summer is here!

summer is here!
and it brings so many of my favorite things…

pool days
sun + fun
ripe summer fruit
the smell of coconut in my favorite suntan lotion
the beach
ice cream
summer books to read by the pool
warm breezes
potato salad

what does summer look like to you?

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This is my friend Chad and his beautiful family.
Chad and I met back in our college days at Florida State University. (Go Noles!)
I am so thankful to have a friend like Chad.
Thankful for old friends (because they really are the best kind of friends).
Thankful for all our fun college memories.
Thankful for facebook that helped me find him after we lost touch.
Thankful that he makes you feel like you just saw him yesterday.
Thankful to meet his beautiful wife Nikki.
Thankful to hold their adorable little girl Elyse.
They were in town this week for Chad’s 20 year high school reunion.
I’m sure that everyone that had the chance to see Chad, meet his family and give him a hug were all thankful.
Just like me.

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a big announcement!

I can finally tell you all about the project I have been working on
with Alison, my friend and fellow photographer
{oh, and mentor who taught me everything!}…

It is an in-person photography workshop where you will learn
how to use your camera,
easy tips to take better snapshots
and what to do with all of your fabulous images!

Go to the life.snaps workshop website to find out more info and to enroll in the July workshop.

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Just a bundle of sweetness… That is my Tate.
He has discovered how to put his toes in his mouth.
{Oh, the flexibility that requires.}
I just love his little toes!

Quinn is so in love with his little brother too.
Best buddies already?
I think so…

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one-word project: reflect

Can you see me?
There I am.
In my son’s eyes.

I only had a few minutes to get some shots of Tate as a big storm was rolling in fast.
The sky filled up with dark clouds but it was still bright outside.
This moody light created the perfect moment for me, my son and my camera…

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