Today he turns three. (If you ask him, he will say eight.) He is simply perfection.

So, who is this little person that is at the center of my heart?

a comedian. I’ve never laughed so much in my life. ever.
a copycat. of everything he sees and hears.
a big brother. loves Tate. really, really does.
a bundle of energy. he can play sports. any sport. all day long. just ask Papa.
an entertainer. we are never bored when he is around.
a smarty pants. can “read” all the words in his soccer book.
a french fry lover. enough said.
a helper. when he wants to be.
a wiggle worm. can’t stay still for even one minute.
a little sponge. learning new words daily. lots of new words.
a hugger. gives the BEST hugs. and kisses.
a big boy. no longer a toddler. growing up too fast.

my Q. always + forever.

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this one… and that one

I feel so at peace. Happy. After some soul searching and more than a few conversations with my husband and a few good friends I am ready. I am making a change. For the better. For me.  It seems more like a next step in my life. Where I’m supposed to be. A natural, easy and comfortable place to be. And there are two very good reasons for this change.

my boys
Quinn + Tate

this one…

Quinn will be 3 years old tomorrow. This little boy just takes my breath away. Three years of memories. All going by way too fast.

and that one…

Tate. My baby. 6 months old and not a newborn anymore. Already half way to one year old. My little sweetness.

So the change that I mentioned. It is about my photography business. I will only be taking on a very limited number of clients. I am not closing down completely.  I’m just giving myself permission to slow down. For a little while. Why? So I can spend my time doing this:

  • enjoying the everyday moments with my family
  • being present for this oh-so-short time of babyhood and young boyhood with my children
  • snapping lots + lots of photos
  • taking a creative writing course
  • exploring food photography
  • taking a photography workshop or two just for me
  • growing creativity as a photographer
  • teaching moms how to take better photos at the life.snaps workshop
  • and blogging about it all right here

It feels so good to see all of this so clearly now. It is like a big weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. Permission to focus on my family and myself. Imagine that! I just know this is going to pave the way for great things to come. Let the journey begin!

And at the heart of it all is this one.. and that one.

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My Quinn is a boy of many moods. He can be smiling one minute and pouting with that cute little lower lip curled out the next minute. It never ceases to amaze me how he can turn on the tears in a matter of seconds. Just because. I adore the many faces of Quinn. Tears and all…

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after the storm

It is the very last week of the month long photo journey that I have been on called Picture Summer. I receive a daily inspirational email and photo assignment to see where my own creativity and artistry can take my camera. It is a celebration of summer. My very favorite season of all.

Day 23 was all about water and the moods that it can evoke. I woke up to a really big storm on Friday. All morning long the rain was pounding on the pavement and the clouds were so dark in the sky. I wanted to find a way to capture this stormy morning. Just when I found the right place to shoot, the storm ended. The last few giant raindrops fell as the dark clouds made way for the most amazing light. It all came together in the image that I captured for my assignment.

To my surprise and delight, my water photo was featured on the Picture Summer section of the Shutter Sisters blog. If you have not visited this amazing blog, you simply must! There is so much inspiration to be found. Grab yourself a cup of tea and treat yourself to some time with the Shutter Sisters.

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life.snaps workshop begins…

We had our very first life.snaps workshop this weekend. Alison and I put it all out there. Teaching what we would want to learn. Talking about what we would want to know. Showing images that we would want to see… if  we were on the other side of the workshop. We had a fantastic group of women who made our night all that we had hoped it would be. We can’t thank them enough for taking a leap of faith and joining us for the beginning of life.snaps workshop.  More than anything, Alison and I had so much fun! Doing what you love and loving what you do. What could be better than that?

We are already making plans for the next life.snaps workshop!  A September date to be announced soon…

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