italian tomatoes

Summer ripe tomatoes. Picked right off the vine. In a garden in Rhode Island. Only days ago. Now these aren’t just any tomatoes. They are Italian tomatoes. Never heard of them? Well, that is because they are from my Italian family. All the way up in Rhode Island. My parents, my sister and my uncle went there last weekend for the annual cousins reunion.  {I’ve never been before, but I’m putting it on the calendar for next year!} My dad’s cousin Frankie has an amazing garden oasis growing right in his backyard. How lucky for me that Frankie sent my family back to Florida with some of these yummy summer treats!

Last night, my sister made this fresh tomato + cucumber salad {yes, Cousin Frankie grew the cukes too!} with balsamic vinegar and mom’s home grown fresh basil. YUM!

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the crib

First it was for Quinn
and now for Tate.

We told Quinn that he used to sleep in the crib.
So he decided he wanted it back.
To sleep in.
Well, that’s just not going to work.
Quinn is tall. Very tall.
So he is about 8 inches short of his head and feet hitting the edges!
Oh, and he already sleeps in a big boy bed.
So, he generously decided to let Tate sleep in his crib.
How nice of him!

Now we are trying to figure out how to keep him from climbing up the side of the crib to see his brother…

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perfectly imperfect

Tiny ice cream cone treats made out of chocolate dipped marshmallows and mini cones.
With sprinkles.
My mom and I made them for Quinn’s birthday party.
Not all of them were perfect.
In fact, most of them were a bit lopsided.
I kind of like the way they came out…
perfectly imperfect.

Is anything really perfect?
Wouldn’t life be boring if it was?
A little imperfection builds character.
Clears the path to the unexpected.
Go with the flow instead of against it.
Don’t fight the change, but instead relax into it.
When things don’t go according to the plan, we often end up with something better.
And we did not even know how great it could be.
We probably could not even have dreamed about how perfect it would be.
But it is.
So the next time things don’t go the way you expected or wanted,
don’t resist.

Let the way it is meant to happen unfold.
In the most perfectly imperfect way…

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up in the air

I just adore the way babies sleep with their butts up in the air.

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tiny sprouts

1 year + 2 days ago I was at an organic farm in San Diego for Carrie + Justin’s farm wedding. I went home with a tiny packet of organic basil seeds to plant. Well, I didn’t exactly get around to planting them right away. Crazy life, a 2 year old and my tired pregnant self were to blame. I also have what my husband so lovingly calls a “brown thumb”.  Okay, so I’m a bit challenged in the growing of green plants of any kind department. I blame it on the heat in Texas where we lived. Yep, that was it. The heat. Not the fact that I always forgot to water the plants. {Can you hear my husband laughing?}

But these seeds were special. I wanted to give them a chance to really grow. You see, I LOVE basil. And Carrie is a pretty special friend. So not planting them or *heaven forbid* killing them would just not be acceptable. What to do then? Just hold onto them until I could figure it all out. Well, insert a big move from Texas to Florida a few weeks later and a lost packet of seeds. Not exactly what I had planned.

Fast forward to 3 weeks ago. I was cleaning out the car {okay, the minivan…} and guess what I found. Yep, the basil seeds!!! I was excited to find them but worried that all this time in the heat of our car {um, minivan} would render them useless and ungrowable. But you never know. So, I found one of my mom’s empty pots and filled it with dirt. Quinn helped me sprinkle the seeds and cover them with more dirt. I am convinced that he has the magic touch because a we now have tiny sprouts!!! And maybe, just maybe it has something to do with my mom’s constant watering and green thumb that helped these tiny sprouts make their appearance.  Either way, I’m thrilled to see them growing.

I’m already dreaming of the yummy pasta dishes I will cook with this most delicious herb. Perhaps I’ll recreate one of the amazing recipes from Carrie’s wedding…

left: Nikon D300
right: iPhone

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