the w family…

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus. And it has been exactly what I needed. Time. For me. To learn. And grow. Photographing my children. Finding my creative heart. Exploring what is most important to me about what I do with my camera.

And today it all clicked. It came together with the most wonderful family on the other side of my lens.

Maybe it was because Ailie and I could just chat all day long like old friends. Or that she let me peek inside her world. Exactly how it was today. And click away with my camera.

Today was about documenting their newest + tiniest family member… 9 week old Baby Lulu. She was happy to be held by mommy + daddy while watching every single move I made. Her big brother Oscar is almost 3 years old and has the same endless energy as my son. Between the giggles, he allowed me to see his soulful and expressive side. I just love when the little ones let me step inside their world and show me all the pieces of who they really are.

And the light. Oh, the light in their house was divine! Even though it was raining when I left, you would never know. The peaceful energy inside their house was brighter than any rain storm.

Merry Christmas Ailie, Michael, Oscar and Luciana…

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counting sheep

Tate fell asleep on mommy + daddy’s bed today.
So peaceful. All curled up with his blankey…

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and so it begins…

Quinn’s first day of preschool…

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the first tooth

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