perfectly imperfect

Tiny ice cream cone treats made out of chocolate dipped marshmallows and mini cones.
With sprinkles.
My mom and I made them for Quinn’s birthday party.
Not all of them were perfect.
In fact, most of them were a bit lopsided.
I kind of like the way they came out…
perfectly imperfect.

Is anything really perfect?
Wouldn’t life be boring if it was?
A little imperfection builds character.
Clears the path to the unexpected.
Go with the flow instead of against it.
Don’t fight the change, but instead relax into it.
When things don’t go according to the plan, we often end up with something better.
And we did not even know how great it could be.
We probably could not even have dreamed about how perfect it would be.
But it is.
So the next time things don’t go the way you expected or wanted,
don’t resist.

Let the way it is meant to happen unfold.
In the most perfectly imperfect way…

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