Today he turns three. (If you ask him, he will say eight.) He is simply perfection.

So, who is this little person that is at the center of my heart?

a comedian. I’ve never laughed so much in my life. ever.
a copycat. of everything he sees and hears.
a big brother. loves Tate. really, really does.
a bundle of energy. he can play sports. any sport. all day long. just ask Papa.
an entertainer. we are never bored when he is around.
a smarty pants. can “read” all the words in his soccer book.
a french fry lover. enough said.
a helper. when he wants to be.
a wiggle worm. can’t stay still for even one minute.
a little sponge. learning new words daily. lots of new words.
a hugger. gives the BEST hugs. and kisses.
a big boy. no longer a toddler. growing up too fast.

my Q. always + forever.

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